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Jaseeq alternative – Webseek

Posted by modsyn on September 15, 2009

It is my pleasure to introduce the newest member of the “seek” family: Webseek. Webseek does the same thing that jaseeq did but in a different way and from a different place. Actually, the place is completely variable. Webseek uses plugins instead of one site hard coded into the application. I took the guts out of jaseeq and stuffed it with a plugin engine. The results so far have been promising. There have been some interface changes, like the removal of the playlist and related menu items. I am calling this an early beta, so don’t expect perfection. I’ll soon follow up with a guide to writing plugins, so maybe there can be some contributions in that area. If not, I’ll take suggestions for new plugins. I wrote two plugins for this version: and By default, Hype Machine is disabled. You can enable it from the Plugins option under the Edit menu.
If you use this version of Webseek, consider yourself a tester and feel free to post any bugs/glitches. Also, if you do post a bug, please state what plugin is being used along with what OS you’re using. I’ve tested with Windows XP and Ubuntu Jaunty, so I can’t say how a Mac will perform.

Here it is: Webseek<Beta>


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