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Jaseeq v0.4 – ‘Maseequms’

Posted by modsyn on April 28, 2008

Maseequms is now outdated – see for alternatives/updates

It’s been a long time coming and it’s not complete (yet), but I’ve decided to release a preview (still fully functional) version of the jaseeq update. Quite a few things have been fixed, and even more added. Here’s the short list.

  • Added album, bitrate, and song length to the returned results.
  • Uses seeqpod’s cached versions of the songs when they are not found in their original location.
  • Added ability to change the output folder (directory for non-windows people)
  • Added option to use a proxy
  • Caches files and added configuration for days to keep in cache
  • Added configuration for number of download parts to use (for supported files)
  • Beta iPod support (if you are willing to test, send a request and I’ll tell you how to enable)
  • Search within results by artist, album, and/or title*

For a more detailed explanation of options and how to use them (or for general help) see this post

*To use the new sub-search option add any of the following after the search term-

  • artist:
  • album:
  • title:

For example, searching for Generic Song Title may return songs with the same name by numerous different artists. To search within these results for a specific artist, change the search term to Generic Song Title artist: Specific Artist

There is quite a bit more I would like to do for this release, but it’s my birthday so I’m releasing what I have for now and will work on the rest for later. There is no Windows or Mac versions this time, just the jar file. If anyone wants to make one on their own I’ll link to it from here, but I’ll wait until the final v04 version before I spend any time doing that sort of thing.

Here it is: jaseeq v0.4 – ‘maseequms’

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Catipod – Backing up your iPod

Posted by modsyn on June 22, 2007

Catipod is the end result of my desire to copy (or backup) songs from my own iPod to my computer after a hard drive replacement. When I lost the original copies of my songs on my hard drive I thought I would just copy the ones on my iPod onto my computer. What I found was that you can’t do that very easily or very freely. The few programs that Google found wanted me to pay for them and I didn’t want to do that. Thus, the first version of Catipod was born. It was buggy and slow but it did what I wanted it to do: It gave me access to my own songs. It stayed buggy and slow for quite some time before I went back to the drawing board and rewrote the entire thing. The new version is faster and far less buggy.

Download the current version of Catipod from my account


Catipod Screenshot

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