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My creative outlet


I am a programmer living in LA. I work for a marketing company doing various things (Database, applications, web work, etc).

This site is for my programming projects outside of work. Most of these projects involve music or video. See widget for a list of downloadable files.

9 Responses to “About”

  1. Max Drown said

    Sir, I’m having a weird problem with JASeeq. When I first start the application and do a search on “Beatles”, everything seems to work perfectly. However, when I do the same thing for “Doris Day” (with and without the quotes), “”, “day,doris” or even just “Doris”, the program never returns results, instead it just says “Performing search ….”. On the SeeqPod site, a search for “Doris Day” returns 56 results.

    Any ideas?

    — Max

  2. modsyn said

    I had come across the same problem as you just recently. It seems like a glitch in Xerces XML parser. Maybe they intended their parser to fail on the 0x1-0x3 range of characters for some reason hidden to me. However, for the time being I am filtering the xml before trying to parse it and that seems to work for now. I’ve updated the JAR file (I will update the EXE once I get access to my windows machine and a bit of free time).

    So you can download the patched jar file now or wait until I fix the EXE.
    Updated JAR

  3. Max Drown said

    Thanks! I just noticed this comment was posted to your About page. Sorry! Move it or delete it if you want. 🙂

  4. 🙂

  5. Joe H. said

    Hi there. Real nice piece of software, Modsyn. Good coding. I actually use the SP API also on my site,, and it’s money. However, I’d like to know what trick you use to get the cached files b.c. so many of the links that the API spits out are dead. Feel free to e-mail me, and any help is much appreciated. Peace, Joe

  6. Sidney Lee said


    Just downloaded Jaseeq and love the software!
    I’m using Seeqpod’s api to search for songs and am presenting the urls for the songs in an tag. I am, however, unable to play or download a number of songs using these links. These songs, however, are downloadable using Jaseeq. An example is
    which is the first returned url after searching for Birdman. I can play and download this song using Jaseeq, but am not able to play it from my browser. Any ideas? Where is Jaseeq downloading this file from? Thanks, appreciate the help.

  7. Sidney Lee said

    Figured this out. Thanks anyway.

  8. Midnighte said

    I am looking for the source code to JASeeq, appears this project is dead, I would really like to be able to pick it up. You may still know more about coding then I do, but I am in my third java class at college, and have numerous friends who would like to build upon JASeeq, I have an older version with the source files left in it, but its an old old version.

  9. doublejosh said

    It seems Jaseeq no longer works. I have loved this app for about 2-3 years now, but now it just sits at Performing Search… for-ever. Any search, any artist 😦

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