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jaseeq source code

Posted by modsyn on December 29, 2008

Hello to all interested parties. As you may have noticed, development on the jaseeq project has been a bit “stalled” lately. The fact is, I no longer have the time for developing the project. In the previous versions I always included source code with hopes that someone would help with development (or even take it over and make the application better). Since I never heard from anyone and the size of the release was growing I decided to only include compiled classes for the last release. I have since received quite a few requests for the source code. It’s a bit ironic I guess. Well, here I am offering the source code in all of its beastliness. Feel free to do with it what you’d like. I ask that you not steal any credit where credit is due, and I’d like to be informed if any official releases are made based on my codebase.

Here is the link:

One Response to “jaseeq source code”

  1. Gabe said

    Someone has to take this up and make it awesome. Wish I knew how….

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