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Jaseeq v0.4 – ‘Maseequms’

Posted by modsyn on April 28, 2008

Maseequms is now outdated – see for alternatives/updates

It’s been a long time coming and it’s not complete (yet), but I’ve decided to release a preview (still fully functional) version of the jaseeq update. Quite a few things have been fixed, and even more added. Here’s the short list.

  • Added album, bitrate, and song length to the returned results.
  • Uses seeqpod’s cached versions of the songs when they are not found in their original location.
  • Added ability to change the output folder (directory for non-windows people)
  • Added option to use a proxy
  • Caches files and added configuration for days to keep in cache
  • Added configuration for number of download parts to use (for supported files)
  • Beta iPod support (if you are willing to test, send a request and I’ll tell you how to enable)
  • Search within results by artist, album, and/or title*

For a more detailed explanation of options and how to use them (or for general help) see this post

*To use the new sub-search option add any of the following after the search term-

  • artist:
  • album:
  • title:

For example, searching for Generic Song Title may return songs with the same name by numerous different artists. To search within these results for a specific artist, change the search term to Generic Song Title artist: Specific Artist

There is quite a bit more I would like to do for this release, but it’s my birthday so I’m releasing what I have for now and will work on the rest for later. There is no Windows or Mac versions this time, just the jar file. If anyone wants to make one on their own I’ll link to it from here, but I’ll wait until the final v04 version before I spend any time doing that sort of thing.

Here it is: jaseeq v0.4 – ‘maseequms’


24 Responses to “Jaseeq v0.4 – ‘Maseequms’”

  1. […] Jaseeq v0.4 – ‘Maseequms’ […]

  2. […] Jaseeq v0.4 – ‘Maseequms’ […]

  3. benjamin said

    I wanted to let you know that I think your work with jaseeq is phenomenal and every day it makes itself useful.

    I’m really liking the interface in this new version and greatly greatly *greatly* like the fact that you can see both the bitrate and the running time of the listed files. That’s just awesome.

    I’d imagine you’ve already realized this, but it looks like the bitrate column gets sorted alphabetically (320 kbit/s followed by 32 kbit/s followed by 48 kbit/sec, etc.). Obviously not a big issue though.

    Thanks again for your great software.

  4. wraithlord said

    You know I added the subsearch explanation to end of the HowTo right….

  5. wraithlord said


  6. […] Jaseeq v0.4 – ‘Maseequms’ […]

  7. vaypid schmuey said

    thanks for jaseeq… i love it.
    I noticed that jaseeq is unable to download quite a few things that it lists, and there are more failures than seeqpod itself has, so it’s not just dead or obsolete links that fail.

    But it also seems, looking at the traffic that seeqpod generates with an http sniffer, that for some tracks, seeqpod is NOT hitting the URL that it prints out as the source of the mp3 file, but instead is hitting a mysterious URLs that look something like: … etc… with a long hex gibberishy tail…

    It seems that these are the files that jaseeq is failing on. I really don’t understand what seeqpod is doing here, unless they are actually serving the stream themselves and just pretending that they are getting it from the URL that they publish.

    hope this might help.. keep up the good work!

  8. Smoothie said

    Brilliant software – can’t wait to see the Windows version. Hope you had a happy birthday!

  9. I would love to see a .app version. Great Job!

  10. William said

    Great job seriously. I love this application- Keep it going 😀

  11. wraithlord said

    There is a .app version, but it’s named .jar… Again i’ll ask, why would you take something that is x-platform and cripple it?!? that makes no sense any way you hear it…
    Not hating on Gabe btw, cause he’s got a great site, but seriously, I just don’t get what possible benefits come from making it a maclette. what you want to dig 2 extra layers deep into the file structure to get to the musics folder? And if your just gonna use the settings and change the default music directory, or make a shortcut to the music folder; then why not put the jar in that spot anyway? I am obviously missing something… Sorry about the rant, i’ll jump off my box now. But seriously, please explain?!?!

    Love W.

  12. Wraithlord, I am not offended by your comment at all and I would love to explain myself.

    I am not sure if you are a mac user, but if your a mac user, you are used to the menu bar. With .app files we can copy and paste, something I have always needed to do with jaseeq (copy and paste the song name). Also with a .app the cocoa UI is much more comfortable than the jar UI. Another thing that is not very important is that the app has a icon, something we can identify the app by (i know i can change it manually).

    Again this is not a necessity, I can live with a jar. Its just that an .app would be more covenant for me.

  13. […] Jaseeq, an app that I have blogged about before has been updated. If you have used Jaseeq before, you know that a lot of times you would try to download a song and nothing would happen. This is because the song was taken off, but was still listed on Jaseeq. Jaseeq 0.4 now deletes all unresponsive songs. This is great because everything works now. Read this guide for all of your questions […]

  14. Chris said

    I’ve (finally) made this version into a Mac app. It can be downloaded here:

    Once again, I added a nice icon by rednaxelanhoj on DeviantArt so it fits nicely in the Dock. Enjoy!

  15. Chris said

    Hey modsyn,

    I’m certainly not an expert on Java, but I have tinkered with it. I was trying to add a new feature for Mac users so that it would automatically add downloaded tracks to iTunes using AppleScript (replacing your gtk-pod functionality). Could you fit this Java snippet wherever it should go so that it would work, and somehow give me a copy so I can integrate it into the Mac app? Thanks in advance!


  16. Humberto said

    Chris, thank you! =)

  17. Terc said

    Chris, I’ve been really hoping for iTunes integration too. I have a folder action right now that does the job, although not very reliably (if more than one download completes within a second, only one will be added to my library)

  18. wraithlord said

    YAY There is an Update to the HowTo But it’s For Vista Users….

  19. wraithlord said

    I also have an Auto Audio Transfer app for the Mac users, I’ll get Mod to put it in the Box, you may have to tweak it for your Mac, I’m not sure how that works.

  20. Popon said

    i can help you code it 🙂

    i’m proficient in java, so it cant be too hard to pick up some new apis.

    have you thought about opensourcing it? this is the best way to get free music i know of, and opensourcing it will allow it to grow at a much faster rate.

  21. Omar said

    Hopefully someone can help me troubleshoot… when I try to search for a song it just says “Performing Search” but it does not move from there. How can i fix this? I’ve seen this thing in action and its amazing. I was thinking some firewall settings, but I can’t seem to find the problem.

  22. modsyn said is down and has been for a while now. They are being sued and filed for bankruptcy. Since jaseeq uses seeqpod’s search engine it also is down. The likelihood that will be back is extremely low at this point. I have been considering alternatives for a bit now. I’ll update the site if I come up with anything.

  23. kukimonster said

    PLEEEEASE Give me a good alternative to JaSeeq!!! I LOVED the app. Is there any other app where you can stream the music and download as fast?

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