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Posted by modsyn on March 1, 2008

If you’re looking for the prelease version of v04 see this post

Hi all,

It’s been a while since I’ve had any time for personal projects and that’s evident in the lack of activity here by me. However, I have been working on some new features for Jaseeq. Most of them come from the comments I’ve seen, so if you can think of a feature that is not listed below let me know and I will try to include it in the next release version.

New features added so far (hearts mean I have already got it, diamonds mean I mostly got it):

  • View bit rate of songs.
  • Automatically remove dead links from the list.
  • Playlist improvements

Planned features:

  • Change download directory
  • Automatically add to iTunes/iPod ♦ (need brave beta testers)
  • Cache system to save from unnecessarily downloading stuff over and over again.
  • Settings window to change/deactivate optional features.
  • New skin (using Nimrod LAF )
  • Playback icons (send ’em if you got ’em) ♦


  • On a Mac the load/save playlist feature doesn’t quite work as expected. Again, since I don’t own a Mac I’m not sure how elevated this issue should be. Let me know if it’s a big deal. Personally, I use playlists a lot (that’s really why they’re there).
  • Playlist has a lot of them, probably needs rewriting… Anyone ever written a playlist if Java? Help!
  • Temporary files don’t get deleted some of the time (well, most if not all of the time). Fixed with the new caching system

Those should keep me pretty busy for now. If you wish Jaseeq would do something it doesn’t, let me know. KTHXBAI!


6 Responses to “Feature requests”

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  2. Louisayd said

    favorited this one, man

  3. Llane said

    I would like to help with Vista x64 and OS X Tiger testing. I can also test with an ipod Shuffle and iPod Nano (my Video has way to much music, takes to long to restore 3+ hours).

    As for features I would like to see is:

    Queue System:
    * Download rate in KB/sec
    * Full URL by either Mouse Over or under the file name (should be listed with IDv3 tags Artist – Title – Album (or similar) Including Bitrate.
    ** Options to customize Queue/and Search Results
    * Pausable downloads
    * Queue List of files waiting to be downloaded. Noticed that they dont’ always start right away. And don’t show up.

    * OS dependant Short cuts (ex Windows Control F – Find, OS X Command F – Find) this would be helpful as in OS X I use lists to find music I want to listen to, Control F, then command V to paste and going back and forth is annoying.
    * Port to a actual OS X application (required lots of additional programming) This way Menu systems and Short Cuts are determined by OS not Java (faster executed, but requires multiple builds of JAseeq).

    Search Field:
    *As stated in your notes Bitrate:
    *Creator should reflect – Artist as thats what it’s using.
    *Advanced Search options – Bitrate, Song Name, Length ect
    *Would be nice to search for files with proper IDv3 tags over none tag files.

    Search Results:
    * Would be nice to be able to see what else they have, (only possible who do not block access using index files and such. Not sure if this is worth it. Would have to scan for other files delay search, possibly an option to add this search disabled by default)

    Queue List doesn’t seem to properly work in OS X.

  4. Zach said

    I usually play a song and download it if I like it. In JASeeq, will the song download once to buffer it and a second time if you chose to download it? If so, why not just use file that has already downloaded to the temp. directory in %HOMEPATH%/.jaseeq


  5. Zach said

    Update: I tried again and it looks like it is simply copying the file instead of downloading the song again. Oops.

    Awesome application for an awesome site.

  6. Popon said

    persistent list widths.

    i have it all set up just how i want it, and when i start it up again, they are all back to uniformity

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