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Music, Sweet Music

Posted by modsyn on June 22, 2007

Soon enough a site will open that is like a Google search for music downloads — downloads that are not copy-protected…” – David Byrne

Enter SeeqPod. SeeqPod works by grabbing music from wild, disparate areas of the Web and presenting them to you in one nice, easy, scrolling interface.

SeeqPod really is amazing. It’s hard to believe how much music is on the Interweb just waiting to be grabbed. From classics to indie you can find plenty of music in your preferred genre. The website provides the ability to create your own playlist that will play right out of your browser (using Flash, of course). The old version of the site would let you download the songs, but last time I checked that feature was removed. You may be saying, what good is tons of free music if I can’t download it? JASeeq is your answer.

Download JASeeq now, or continue reading about why you should.
See this post for download link

It seems that I’ve received a lot of traffic from this Lifehacker article, and there are some people who don’t know what to do with a .JAR file. You must have Java installed to use it. Most of the time you will have it installed already. You must download this file (jaseeq.jar) and save it somewhere on your computer when your browser asks you what to do with it. Otherwise you’ll be running the application from your temporary internet files. There is no installation, just download and double click. The files go in a folder named MUSIC that the application creates in whatever location you save it. Hope that helps. Maybe I’ll make an article with an explanation of the features and how to use them if it’s necessary.

First the obvious, JASeeq will let you download the files that you drool for from
Other great additional features:
> Returns ALL of the results of a search. returns 9 per page by default. Paging to result 1,019 nine items at a time can get tiring!
> Uses download accelerating technology for FAST downloads. Since downloading at all is an added feature this is just icing on the cake.
> JASeeq ISN’T Flash-based and DOESN’T run from your browser. Some people think that running from your browser might be a good thing, but it’s really not. I usually have a browser open all day, and fancy applications running from one of its many tabs start to suck up RAM and/or just generally slow things down. Also, Flash applications tend to screw up the whole CTL-Tab switching between tabs. Having it as a stand-alone application keeps your personal workflow smooth.

You can also play the songs using JASeeq, although there is no playlist feature just yet (expect playlists in the next version).

JASeeq Screenshot 1 JASeeq Screenshot 2

I have a basic playlist built and have reworked the UI.

Reskinned with NapkinLAF

Napkin LAF

Added a requested feature. Type a URL that has links to MP3 files in the search box to see it in action. Got a feature you’d like to see? Ask me and maybe I’ll add it.

See this post for the latest updates.


22 Responses to “Music, Sweet Music”

  1. DiggGuy said

    hey, this would be a great post to, you should post it! cheers and great tool!

  2. hey, i’m working on a similar program of my own
    Perhaps we could work together

  3. Justinpirate said

    Love the program and keep up the good work. Also, an awesome site you have here.

  4. strega said

    Is this for Mac as well? I’m having trouble installing –

  5. modsyn said

    Thanks for the heads up, this happened with the update to NapkinLAF I believe. Anyhow, it should be fixed now. Try downloading again if you dont’ mind.

    I compiled with JDK 6 and Mac only comes with JRE 5. I had to recompile targeting the lower JRE.

  6. strega said

    Okay, call me a moron (I heard you) I downloaded the July 21st file, got jaseeq.jar, opened it, got a jaseeq.jar folder but I don’t see an .app or readme file.

    What am I doing incorrectly? I’m on Macbook Pro could that be the difference?

  7. zac said

    yes but which version of Java environment you use for it?
    My java plugion is b05 and the jap program does not wok ” could not find the main class . program will exit” shows the dialog

  8. modsyn said

    The current version should require JRE 5 now. It’s much easier programming for me that way. You should update to Mustang (JRE 6).

  9. zac said


  10. zac said

    i use windows ….

  11. modsyn said

    Address with download

  12. jette said

    very nice tool!
    finally i don’t have to type in the url of a track by hand anymore!

    thanky a lot!

  13. Eli said

    Where does it download the tracks to?

  14. GSter said

    Program is slow to respond, don’t know where the downloaded files go.

    Please include some kind of documentation and make it more user-friendly!

  15. modsyn said

    I have updated the original article to have red text that stands out telling you how to handle this application for anyone who is having troubles either running it or finding where downloads are saved.

  16. Leo said

    This new skin sucks so much. >.<

  17. Andrew said

    Any thoughts on adding support for proxy servers? Maybe assume the default system proxy?

  18. Stephen said

    A while back I installed Winrar and allowed it to take control of any files it could open. From then on whenever I clicked a .jar, Winrar opened it like any compressed folder and I didn’t know what to do.

    So some people might have installed something that wants to open jar files for them rather than run them.

    Can’t remember what I did to fix it – probably re-installed Java.

  19. Dogman said

    Pretty cool. I fit could just tell me the bit rate of songs so I could bick the highest (when there are more than one choice) it would be perfect.

    I’d prefer a version w/o NapkinLAF. It’c cool at first but gets old quick.

  20. Tosh said

    any chance on a j2me version? 🙂 I want this for my phone.

  21. snake said

    new version doesn’t download? maybe just my computer?

  22. modsyn said

    Sorry for my unresponsiveness. I’ll try to take on all of the comments in one go…

    For using proxies with java (this should work with any java program) try starting the application this way:

    java -Dhttp.proxyPort=8080 -jar jaseeq.jar

    Just place your relevant information in place of the host name and port.

    I’ve never coded for J2ME before, probably because I’ve never had a phone good enough to support it. If I can’t use it, then I won’t write it. But, if anyone wants to be brave and try to adapt my horrible code they can go right ahead. The source is included in the download.

    The skin now defaults to system. I too grew tired of the scribbled look.

    The downloads seem to work for me, so it might be an antivirus setting or a web filter setting or something. Make sure you try both the JAR and the EXE version. If the JAR file will download but the EXE will not then I would assume it’s the executable extension that’s causing the problem.

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