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Catipod – Backing up your iPod

Posted by modsyn on June 22, 2007

Catipod is the end result of my desire to copy (or backup) songs from my own iPod to my computer after a hard drive replacement. When I lost the original copies of my songs on my hard drive I thought I would just copy the ones on my iPod onto my computer. What I found was that you can’t do that very easily or very freely. The few programs that Google found wanted me to pay for them and I didn’t want to do that. Thus, the first version of Catipod was born. It was buggy and slow but it did what I wanted it to do: It gave me access to my own songs. It stayed buggy and slow for quite some time before I went back to the drawing board and rewrote the entire thing. The new version is faster and far less buggy.

Download the current version of Catipod from my account


Catipod Screenshot


14 Responses to “Catipod – Backing up your iPod”

  1. Obvious Guy said

    What is wrong with everyone?
    You do NOT need software of any kind (freeware or paid) to copy your songs back from your ipod. All you have to do is view it in disk mode with either explorer or its equivalent in your OS, Turn on showing hidden files and navigate to and copy the music directory from the pod to your computer.

    I am amazed at how even those that you would think to be geeks can’t do the simplest things. The geeks, nerds, and so forth that came before you are laughing their asses off at you lot.

  2. modsyn said

    I for one would like my files to be named ‘Another one Bites the Dust.mp3’ in a folder with all of my other Queen albums rather than FWQZ.mp3 in a random folder named FXX, but maybe that’s just me. I am just trying to help out the novice by posting my solution to my specific problem. I’m glad that you can personally get by with such an unorganized collection of music, but I can not. Laugh as much as you want, I’ll laugh back with ORQB.mp3 playing in the background.

    (For anyone who doesn’t know, you can get to your files on your iPod, but the iTunes software conveniently renames everything to random letters and puts them in folders starting with F00 – F99)

  3. Obvious Guy said

    Thats why you take advantage of itunes internal conversion. You add all the files to the library and have it convert it to mp3, or aac, or what have you, it will rename all the files correctly presuming the id3 tags are accurate. It will even move them all back into your itunes folder for you.

  4. Obvious Guy said

    One last thing.

    In my opinion, the world will be better off if we actually teach the masses how to fish, instead of giving them enough fish for dinner. If we teach the people how to use their computer and they understand why and how it works, they will likely be able to do other things on their own. However if we keep babying people and making things easier, all we are doing is adding to the dumbing down of society and the youtube generation that wants things as easy as possible without any work.

    If and when the day comes that apple disables diskmode for its ipods then I will see the need for such software to “break” into and recover the music is on the pod. However until then, lets teach the world how to do it on their own as well teach them why the computer and pod works the way it does rather than baby them.

  5. Obvious Guy said

    Addendum to an earlier post. You can simply have it copy all files to your itunes directory when you add files to your library, when it does that it will also rename them if you have that option checked in the preferences.

  6. wraithlord said

    @Obvious Guy
    Is this A. Washington?
    Well then how do you walk?!?!?!? pppppttttttttttttttpppphfffffttttttt!

  7. modsyn said

    Do you have ten pound balls?

  8. wraithlord said

    That doesn’t make sense any way you hear it…

  9. bob said

    what are you supposed to do with the software once i download? what do i do with the songs?

  10. em said

    i’ve downloaded your software and it ‘copied’ 5725 songs from my ipod. I see no more options in the menu to move them into itunes and your help button does not work. Where can I find further instructions on how to paste the copied songs to itunes?

  11. modsyn said

    just drag the files from Window/Finder/etc into iTunes to add them back (or add them to another copy if iTunes as it sounds like what you want to do).

  12. shazad said

    @obvious guy: The point is every1 may not want ta waste time copying all the music from the ipod to the comp, but may want to choose only certain songs; which means that they would obviously need to be able to see the song name before they copy it..the very reason y i have been searching for a decent software..

  13. Wolf said

    And cross-plattform as well. Thanks a lot, mate!

    Came redirected from here:

  14. AlexWinter666 said

    Excellent free utility! Very easy to use! Download, open, connect your ipod and start copying everything to the “Extract” folder on your desktop. You’ve got everything on your ipod backed up right then & there. So if your old computer crashed and you want to save those files, Catipod works like a charm. Thanks!

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